Why is my son different with his father than with me?


Hi ladies! I noticed that whenever I leave my son with my husband, every time I get back home, my husband can be reading, playing ps4 or talking on phone while my son is just playing with his toys. When I am staying with our son, he doesn’t let me do anything! He keeps distracting me to get his attention and only wants me to play with him all the time. Are your children also very needy with you? Or is it just my son?

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  1. At least you can leave him with your husband! My daughter can’t be without me even two hours, she starts crying and needs her mum back. She can’t calm down and play on her own or with her father until I am back!

  2. Same here! I think all children have these very special relationship with mothers.

  3. My daughter was like that! Then I made her realize that I am not only her friend but also I have other important responsibilities to do. I said that we won’t have dinner if the mother won’t cook it. Now she doesn’t distract me that much anymore, but when my husband is back from work, all attention is for him!

  4. Our children want attention from me and my husband equally.. It’s impossible to do something, they are always there jumping at us and pull us to play with them. If I need to make important call, I have to go outside otherwise they won’t let me!

  5. It’s opposite for my family! My son loves playing with father and for me he only comes when he wants me to read for him! 🙂

  6. Same in my family! My hubby can sit on his laptop and our son would just play nearby. If I am cooking or doing other chores he doesn’t distract me, but if I just want to relax, son would come to me straight away!

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