Why is my daughter naughtier with me than with her father and grandparents?


Hello! I noticed, that my daughter can fall asleep without problems and she eats solid food better when I am not with her. If I am there, she asks me to breastfeed her all the time and doesn’t want to sleep in her crib, she sleeps only after I am rocking her for ages or if I take her outside. But when she is with my husband, she is nothing like that! She sleeps in her crib and eats solid food without crying and screaming. I thought it must be the other way around as I am her mother but it looks like the opposite. Do your children behave the same way with you?

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  1. Children always behave differently with their mothers, not like with everyone else.

  2. Same here! My son is 10 years old and when I am leaving him with grandparents he is like an angel there, but he can be so naughty at home!

  3. How I understand you! When we are going for a walk together, my daughter can be so stubborn sometimes, asking me for something, but when her father is with us, she’s very calm.

  4. Same story. 🙂 When my son is with his father, he eats everything and sleeps well. If I am there, he only wants me to breastfeed him otherwise he wouldn’t sleep.

  5. I think it depends on your character. My husband is very emotional and very easy to be manipulated by our son. Every time our kid cries, my husband just gives up and doing everything to calm him down. I am more strict, that’s why my son is very well-behaved when I am there.

  6. I think it’s normal because kids can show their real emotions only with mother. Your daughter wants to be polite and nice with others but with mother she can be open.


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