When did your baby start falling asleep on their own? When did they start sleeping through the night without waking up?


Our pediatrician recommended that I stop feeding my baby to sleep after the sixth month and leaving him in his crib to cry until he falls asleep and ignore him asking for breast during the night… Do you think that technique is right?

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  1. I don’t know if that’s right way, but I am sure it’s not something I would consider doing. I can’t just listen to my baby crying and ignore it…

  2. When my son was a baby, he slept with me and when he was waking up in the middle of the night it didn’t disturb me. I would quickly feed him and then we fall asleep together.

  3. My baby is going through his teething problems now so I wouldn’t even think of putting him to sleep on his own. He falls asleep on my breast while feeding and then I am putting him into his crib. He is 9 month-old and wakes up once-twice every night to be fed.

  4. My baby has problems with falling asleep at night and he wakes up really often during the night. I can’t imagine ignoring him crying all night just like that…

  5. My daughter is 9 month old and she still falls asleep with me. When she is asleep, I am moving her to her crib but there is no way she would fall asleep there alone.

  6. I think this method may work eventually if you can ignore your child’s crying, but it probably will be very stressful for your baby. You don’t want to lose his trust at this early age.

  7. I know that your baby will keep waking up during the night as long as you breastfeeding because it’s a habit.

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