When did you start working after maternity leave? Was it difficult?


Hello everyone! I am on my second year of maternity cover. I am thinking of getting back to work, but I am not prepared at all. I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I could do before. I started thinking whether I should enter uni now and get another education. Please share your experience. Was it hard for you to get a job? Did you have to learn anything new? Thank you!

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  1. I started working when my baby was 1 year old. I felt like I am getting dummy without working and couldn’t develop at all. I lucky I made that decision, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to start!

  2. I started working part-time when my baby was 1,5. My daughter is at kindergarten 5 hours, so I can work. I hope I can start working full time when she will be a bit older though.

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    Also, I agree that if you don’t work a while, you lose your skills. Some mothers try to work from home, but I couldn’t manage to find anything. You could try though.

  4. I started working when my baby was 6 months old. I couldn’t wait any longer cause I would have a huge gap in my experience. I work with marketing and social media which sometimes allows me to do some work at home.

  5. When I was pregnant I thought I would start working when my son will be 6 months old, but after he was born, I realized that I can’t leave him with a babysitter or nursery. :/ I want to work though, but every time I think that my baby isn’t old enough yet to leave him with somebody even if it’s only for 6-8 hours…

  6. I didn’t work at all while I was raising my older son, he was too attached to me. I breastfed him to sleep all the time, so leaving him home would be such a stress. My second child is different, he is quite independent and calm, he can sleep in his crib without problems. I am looking for a babysitter now and then going to get a job.

  7. I left my job to take care of the baby ( I didn’t like my job anyway). Then I found another job when my son was 1 year old. I think it’s a good time to start working. Also, employers don’t like long gaps in your experience, that’s why don’t wait with it for too long!

  8. I really appreciate that you all shared your stories with me! Now I am convinced even more that I shouldn’t try to find more excuses. I must try to get a job! Thanks everyone and take care! 😉

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