What solid food do you feed your babies? (7-9 months old)


Hi! Have you already started with solids? What kind of solid food do you give to your babies of that age? I am just looking for some healthy and tasty ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

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  1. I started with vegetable pure, then fruit puree, then porridge and meat in the end. Iโ€™ve heard, that if you do it other way around, for example first fruits, then vegetables โ€“ย  itโ€™s very likely that your kid wonโ€™t like vegetables after he tried fruits.

  2. We started with fruit puree, then porridge, then vegetable puree. I bought Hipp organic fruit pots.

  3. I gave her one tea spoon of veg puree, next day two tea spoons, then I fed her as much as she wanted to eat gradually increasing that amount.

  4. You can use any soft cooked fruit and vegetables like parsnip, potato, sweet potato, carrot, apple or pear. Soft fruits as well like peach or melon.

  5. You can feed them with boiled or slow-cooked chicken, pork, beef pure.

  6. If you already introduced vegetables, you can now add some fruit puree to the ration. (banana, mango, watermelon, plum). You could mix them with sugar free yogurts.

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