What do you think of porridges “Semper”? Have you tried them?


You are supposed to mix them with water. I bought only rice one so far, but there is big choice of other types. Are they healthy and rich for nutrients?

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  1. To be honest I wouldn’t buy instant porridge for my baby and I don’t recommend them for you.

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    Why not? Are they bad?

  3. I bought “Semper” porridge once, but after I tried them myself I didn’t want to feed my son with it. I don’t think it tasted that well.

  4. I don’t trust any instant brands of porridge either for kids or adults. They promote them as healthy, but I would rather make my own porridge to be safe, especially for the baby!

  5. I used normal porridge and mixed it with my daughter’s formula.  She seemed to enjoy it especially if I added a bit of pureed fruits.

  6. Porridge I bought from the shop had too many sugars in it. It might be because it contained some dried fruits though.

  7. I think that The Hipp creamy porridge jars are much better but it would be expensive to get them every day.

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