What do you think of kindergartens? Do you trust your children with them?


Hi mamas! My son started going to kindergarten only a few weeks ago, but then he’s got really ill (nausea, vomiting,fever). He stays home now and getting better, but I am not sure whether he should come back there or not. Please, tell me about your experiences. Thanks!

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  1. All children get ill, it’s just an adaptation process to the new environment. Their immune system becomes stronger there and learns how to fight different infections. You shouldn’t worry that much.

  2. My daughter attends kindergarten for the last a couple of months and she also was sick quite a few times  (cough, fever, cold). I think Nadine is right, their immune system needs to adapt and get stronger. I am sure it will be better  when they grow up a little bit more.

  3. Don’t worry! First year is always like that, all children get sick more often, than usually. You should make sure that you take him to your pediatrician though, so it doesn’t get worse. My son used to catch cold every time, when the weather changed, but now he goes to elementary school and doesn’t get sick too often anymore.

  4. It’s not a particular problem of kindergartens, that children get sick there. They catch digestive infections/cold from any public place, so don’t think that making him stay home would help, you can’t keep him there forever.

  5. If you have a possibility to make him stay home – it’s up to you, keep him under your care for a bit longer then. If no, then you should prepare that he will be getting ill occasionally. I am not saying, that it’s good, but it’s normal, all children go through it.

    • Yes, I don’t work yet, so I could look after him instead. I took him there at the first place because I know it’s important for their social development, but I will see now. Maybe it makes sense to wait a little bit longer and then come back.

  6. You should decide yourself, but like it was said before – early or late all children go through this. It might be better for him to be ill sometimes while attending kindergarten, than in future school.

  7. Kindergartens is a good way for children to become more sociable and confident with other people. Ask your pediatrician to prescribe you some vitamins, feed him more with fruits and dress according the weather. I am also a mother and I understand that no one wants their children to be sick, but it’s just impossible to avoid, especially at this age.

    • I agree with you 100%. Attending kindergarten is very important for kid’s development as they are playing there with each other, learning new things and competing. I think there are many its pros and cons, but author should decide what is the best for her son.

  8. I had the same problem. I took my son to the nursery when he was 1,5 but he kept getting sick all the time. I decided to stay home with him for another 6 months and it’s been a month now since he started attending nursery again. It’s fine this time, fingers crossed though!

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