What do you think of getting married when you are heavily pregnant? Would you wear a white dress?


Hi girls! I am just wondering what is your opinion on pregnant brides? Would you say “yes” to a proper wedding ceremony when heavily pregnant?

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  1. I think it’s every woman’s decision, but as for me I wouldn’t wear a white dress while pregnant.

  2. Every bride is beautiful, so it doesn’t really matter 🙂 I was getting married pregnant, but it wasn’t noticeable yet.

  3. I think pregnant brides look cute! Just like all other brides!

  4. Wedding day is your day! It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, white dress or ripped jeans, as long as you’re happy in it! Pregnancy isn’t a taboo for the wedding!

  5. I was one of those heavily pregnant brides! At least I was sober on my wedding!

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