Raising a multilingual child. How difficult was it for you to teach your children a few languages?



Our baby is 2 years old. We are planning to take her to kindergarten soon. They speak French at kindergarten, and after 3 years old they begin to learn English and then German after 6 years old. Me and my husband are native Russian speakers, but we live in Switzerland. We would like our child to speak Russian but we are worried that with all these languages it will be very difficult for her to learn Russian. How did you teach your children a few languages at once? Is it even possible?

Thank you! 😉

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  1. Don’t worry! I know families where children learn two languages at school and their parents teach them two more languages! Just make sure that you speak a lot in your native language at home and read for her in Russian.

  2. My friend’s child was born in multicultural family- her father is English and mum is native French speaker. The girl almost didn’t talk when she was 2 years old, but at a kindergarten she started speaking French and her parents mostly spoke English to her at home. She speaks both languages now quite good. Just make sure you use your native language very often at home talking to your child!

  3. You are main source for your baby to learn Russian, that’s why you should make sure you spend a lot of time teaching her. Don’t worry about French and other languages, she will learn them anyway at school, leave that to teachers.

  4. If you are both Russians and you only speak Russian at home often, then you won’t have problems. My son doesn’t speak French, even though I speak French to his father, but we are never at home cause we work a lot. I am thinking of getting a tutor for him. He is 6 years old.

  5. My daughter speaks 4 languages but she has problems with reading a few of them. I don’t speak German but she does. She answers on language that she is being asked without thinking. One language that your kid learns will be better the others though but it’s possible to learn all four!

  6. I am Spanish and my husband doesn’t speak Spanish, only French and English. My son can speak both French and English, but also he can understand some Spanish, though can’t say anything in it. I am planing to spend more time teaching him but obviously it won’t be as good as other two languages he learned at kindergarten and from me talking to his father.

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