My son refuses to wear a hat! How to make him??


It’s getting really cold but my son doesn’t like wearing hats! He is almost 1 year old. Everytime we go outside, he just takes it off and laughs! I don’t want him to be sick but I don’t know how to make him wearing it… Please help with your advice!

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  1. I think all kids are like that! My daughter didn’t like it either, but one morning she just asked for her hat, when it was freezing outside.

  2. Is he ok with wearing hood? You may just find a jacket with a warm fluffy hood for him as an alternative.

  3. I bought a hat with under-chin ties for mine. First he tried to untie it, but then gave up. 😀 Now he is okay with wearing any hats.

  4. My son doesn’t even consider wearing hats! I can’t zip his coat up when we are outside, not even talking about hats or scarfs!

  5. I think you should find a hat that he would like to wear! He is grown enough to choose the one that he likes in the shop. We buy hats with prints of animals, colourful pompoms or other interesting stuff. Only then he would wear!

  6. My son didn’t mind to wear caps in summer, but he doesn’t like wearing warm hats. I wrap him up with a scarf and put his hood on to keep him warm.

  7. I bought a hat with chin straps for my daughter. This type of hats is great, they are warmer than normal hats as they are covering kid’s neck and also it’s not as easy to take them off! My daughter doesn’t like scarfs, so this hat is just a perfect choice for us.

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    My daughter was like that but I bought her a hat with cat’s ears! Now she doesn’t want to take it off even indoors! Have a look for some cute hats for boys that he would like.
    I have one like this:

  9. Thank you for your instructions ladies! I hope something of this helps 😀 Take care everyone!   

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