My little daughter refuses to try new food. How to make her try it?


Hi! My daughter doesn’t want to try anything new, she still eats solid food, mashed potatoes, vegetables, fruits. When it comes to other food, she looks curious but doesn’t want to try it. Do you have similar situation?

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  1. Sometimes it helps to change name of the food and pretend it’s something else 🙂

  2. Oh, I had the same problem. I made pancakes of everything that was possible 😀 I filled them with meat, bananas, cheese. I also made zucchini and spinach pancakes. I feel like my daughter would eat anything if it looks like pancakes!

  3. My son is very picky with food! When he eats cereals, he doesn’t like adding there any fruits or nuts (even though I think it’s tastier), he just eat plain porridge even without milk.

  4. My son mainly eats everything sweet. 🙁 I know it’s not good and I am trying to give him less sugars, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to eat any meat or pasta, he asks for a pastry or cake instead.

  5. Babies are easily distracted! You can make her eat something while she is watching cartoons. The baby will most likely try something new if she is really hungry.

  6. I think she will eat everything at her own pace! I started eating garlic and onions only when I was 12. Try cooking different ingredients in different ways and make presentations children friendly like on the picture. I know it takes ages to make it look like that but it may at least work.

  7. Thank you everyone for your answers and ideas!

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