My daughter mixed up day and night. How can I help her to change this routine?


My little girl is 1,6 year old. She is awake late night and then napping all day. Is there a way I can change it?

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  1. My son had the same problem for a while, but then it’s changed back to normal. I didn’t do anything to fix it.

  2. You should make sure that her bedroom is dark enough at night. If you use nightlight in her room, it shouldn’t be too bright otherwise you can cover it with something.

  3. Don’t let her sleep for too long during the day! Play with her a lot, so by the evening she will be very tired. Good luck!

  4. It may depend on how light your house is during the day – don’t forget to open your curtains and shut them when you’re putting the baby to sleep. Open the window for a bit while she is asleep and let some fresh air in!

  5. It happens sometimes! My daughter used to wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t sleep until the early morning and then napped all day. I think it changed when winter began. Nights are longer now, that’s why she sleeps better.

  6. You shouldn’t let her sleep longer than a few hours during the day. Wake her up, make her busy and then she will be sleepy enough to fall asleep early!

  7. Try massage and bath before sleep. It should relax her and calm down. Also, I’ve heard that yoga for toddlers helps. Think about that too! 🙂

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