My daughter doesn’t like fruits and vegetables. Any ideas how to make her eat them?


My daughter is 3 years old. She doesn’t want to eat any fruits or vegetables (only blended in soup). Does anyone know how to help? I run out of ideas already.

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  1. My son likes fruits, but he doesn’t like vegetables. I add some of them to meatballs or meat pies (carrots, zucchini, cabbage, pumpkin).

  2. Same here. My son doesn’t like raw fruits on its own or fruit salads, but when I make smoothies he drinks them. Also I mix berries and fruits with cottage cheese and some sugar, then I freeze it all and give him this as an ice cream.

  3. How about not giving any food to her, only fruits and vegetables? Say there is nothing else to eat at home. I think she will give up eventually.

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      I agree! It worked with my daughter. I am vegetarian, so 80% of the food my family eats it’s vegetables. One day I just left veggie dish and fruits for her, she refused to eat that first but then had some fruits and later vegetables. Next day I said there is no meat again and she had some mashed potatoes with fish. Now she eats almost all vegetables and she loves fruits too.

  4. How I understand you! My daughter started eating fruits and some vegetables only after 4 years old.

    Does she drink juices or smoothie?

  5. My son is also like that. The only thing he can eat with fruits – yogurt. I didn’t want buying yogurts from the shop for him, that’s why I bought yogurt maker and making them myself with different flavours. Does your daughter like yogurts?

  6. I think you should try to explain her connection between fruits/vegetables and her health. There are some educational cartoons about vegetables and fruits for this purpose that you could show her. I talked to my children about this and now they eat more vegetables, than before.

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