My baby rejects the pacifiers. How to teach her to take it???


Hi ladies!

My baby girl refuses to take any pacifiers. I breastfeed and sometimes it would be better to give her the pacifier to suck instead of another feeding, but she doesn’t like it at all. How do I teach her and is it a good idea?

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  1. I think if she didn’t take them from the beginning, she won’t start doing it now when she is older. 🙁
    My daughter is 2,5 and I still have to breastfeed her every time.

  2. These pacifiers are really good, cause they aren’t smooth, they are a bit rough which reminds the baby of the nipples

  3. It’s a good idea, I recommend you to try and teach her. It’s a good idea. They need to bite and suck everything at this age, plus it will make her calmer.

  4. It depends if your baby really needs it. I tried to give it to my son, but he was spitting it out and dropping on the ground all the time, so I realized there is no point to use it.

  5. I think every baby chooses themselves what they want. If they don’t like the dummy, don’t try to force them. My older son never needed it, but my younger one liked it and then I couldn’t take it from him!

  6. My daughter likes Suavinex ones, but my son rejected any pacifiers. He played with them like with toys but never tried to suck them.

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