My baby is trying to climb up the side panels of the crib, how do I teach her to stop?


My daughter is 9 months old and I noticed a few times that she was trying to climb out of her crib. How can I stop her? I am worried she would injure herself.

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  1. Is your crib with adjustable mattress? If so, try to move the mattress down to the bottom.

  2. If you have soft bumper pads, it’s for the best to take them out at this age, cause babies can step at them to get out off the crib.

  3. You could get safety guard rails for her. I’ve got them for my son, now I am not worried he could fall out.

  4. I agree with everything that was recommended below but also you could put a few pillows next to her crib, if you are still worried. I do that sometimes, because we have parquet flooring.

  5. Move the mattress to the bottom as much down as possible and remove the front panel at all, then you can teach her to come out on her own without climbing. You can buy those protection rails instead, so she won’t fall out while asleep.

  6. Don’t keep her in the crib when she wants to play! Let her out, they should crawl around at this age. I agree with Romola that you should teach her to come out safely on her own without climbing.

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