My baby can’t get over his pacifier. Should I ignore it or should I let him have it again?


Hello ladies! My son is 2,2 years old and it’s been a few days since I took away his pacifier. He almost forgot about it now, but he struggles to fall asleep without it. He used to sleep sucking the pacifier, but I’ve heard that after 2 years old it’s better for them to stop using it. Did I do the right thing or should I give it back to him?

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  1. You did a right thing! He will get used sleeping without it soon. My daughter was like this and it took her almost one month to forget about her pacifier.

  2. It’s absolutely normal! They all first try to protest and refuse to sleep without the dummy, but they soon forget about having it!

  3. My baby just threw it away by her own will one day 😀 I know that many babies just stop using the pacifiers when they grow a bit older.

  4. We swapped a pacifier for a fairy tale. 🙂 My daughter was happy with that deal.

  5. I think at this age they have some difficulties with their sleeping and it’s not because of whether you give them a pacifier or not. I started singing lullabies for my baby, read fairy-tales, put calm music on and now she sleeps better.

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      That’s true! Many of mothers think it’s because they took the dummy away or because they started weaning or because of the teeth… but maybe it’s even normal at this age for the babies to have problems with falling asleep as they are going through a lot of changes.

  6. I swapped pacifier for a candy. I gave my son one before sleep and reminded that this tasty candy is here to replace the pacifier. He didn’t mind, but it’s a bad habit to give him candies every day, that’s why I just stopped doing it and he seemed fine.

  7. My daughter was biting it waaaay too often and it came to that point where her dummy was torn. She refused to bite it and asked a new one but I just didn’t so she simply forgot about it.

  8. Don’t worry! He will soon forget about it. It’s not good for their teeth to use pacifier util the later years.

  9. Maybe you shouldn’t stress your baby out this way. Just wait until he will be bored of sucking the pacifier. One day it will happen anyway!

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