My 10 month-old son has big trouble with sleeping at night. How can I help him???



my son wakes up 6-7 times during the night. I am so exhausted and he also looks very tired all the time because he doesn’t sleep properly. The only thing that helps him to fall asleep is carrying him around on my arms, but he is getting bigger now. I find it very difficult to carry him. He doesn’t like pacifiers, even feeding him doesn’t help always. Please help! I don’t know what to do anymore..
Thank you for any advice that could help!

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    You should try sleeping near him! My daughter can’t fall asleep on her own, so sleeping together it’s the only way that works.

  2. I don’t sleep together with my baby technically, but her crib is at our bedroom, so whenever she wakes up, I can quickly rock her or feed her to make her sleep again. My husband doesn’t mind that her crib is next to our bed.

  3. He probably has his teething period now. Have you talked to your pediatrician? My child wake up often at night but not that much.. it’s definitely not normal at this age.

  4. I have the same problem but my baby doesn’t wake up thaaat often! Carrying him around helps in my case, but I imagine he is quite heavy now… hmm ask you husband to do that maybe?

  5. It’s probably weird but exercise ball really helped me. I sit down on it while holding my daughter and bouncing on it up and down. It works like rocking!

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