Kindergarten pros and cons. Should I take my toddler to kindergarten?


Hello, mommies! My child is 14 months old and she is very

active curious little girl. I am thinking about taking her to kindergarten, but I’m not sure if that’s too early? I would like to know your opinion about pros and cons of attending kindergarten at this age. Thank you!

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  1. I think it’s the best to wait until she is at least 18 months old.

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    I took my daughter to kindergarten only recently ( she is two years old now) and I would recommend you wait a little bit more. My daughter was getting used to it for a few weeks but now she loves it there. The pros are: they do many activities, play games with other children and study. The cons are: children are catching flu and other diseases from each other. As soon as my daughter started going there in winter, she gets a blocked nose all the time.

  3. My son loves going to kindergarten! I took him there when he was two years old. I have more free time now and he made some new friends there, so it was definitely a good decision.

  4. I think it’s too early, like it was said before, the best timing for taking your baby to kindergarten is 1.5 y.o. My daughter attends kindergarten part time and it’s a great option for us. I have time for my other responsibilities but also I can spend rest of the day with her.

  5. Since my daughter attends kindergarten, she’s changed a lot! She became more independent and responsible, she eats and sleeps better and due the schedule.

  6. I took my son to a nursery a few months ago but now I am considering to stop him from going there. He is 17 months old and he never had any problems with health before, but now he gets sick every next week and skips many days anyway. I think, if you have a chance to stay home with your daughter, do that!

    • Your son should eat more vitamins, it seems like his immune system is getting weaker. It’s obviously easier to catch some infections from other children, so make sure you teach him to wash his hands before eating. He may be still adapting to being at this new environment, wait a little bit more and see if he still gets problems occasionally. Take care!

  7. I thought my daughter wouldn’t like going there as she was with me all the time, but she is quite sociable so got along with everyone very well! It’s different for all the children though, but I think you should try and see how it goes for her.

  8. Thank you everyone for your answers! I think I will wait a few months more with it. It’s good to have her home. 🙂

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