I can’t put my baby to sleep after we started weaning. How to do it without the breast???


I started weaning my 8 month old daughter a few days ago. Before this I breastfed her whenever she was crying, or couldn’t sleep and it would sort all the problems. Now I have to spend ages putting her to sleep. She refuses to use the dummy and doesn’t like being rocked. Is there anything I can do without stopping weaning?

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  1. I haven’t completely started weaning yet, but I already cut one breastfeeding before sleeping.. It’s also been really difficult that’s why I hope that somebody will advise something decent. 🙂

  2. You can create a doodoo toy yourself! If you take a little piece of cloth and wear it close to your breast so it can start to smell like you, then sew a head of the toy to it and use that to give it to your baby to sleep with. When your baby can sniff your smell on the toy, she she will sleep better.

  3. We had the same problem, I tried to do early weaning when my daughter was 7 month ( I don’t know what I was thinking). My baby couldn’t sleep, her teeth disturbed her, then she got sick.. 🙁 I didn’t see other way to stop it other than get back to the regular breastfeeding. Then I weaned after 1 year. It was way easier!

  4. Do you use sling? Putting your baby to sleep in the sling could work. Other way is to try and sleep together for now.

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