I am diagnosed with uterine descent.. Has anyone had the same problem while pregnant?


Hi! I am on my 30th week of pregnancy. The Doctor told me that I have uterine descent and that’s it’s nothing to worry about as it’s my third pregnancy. The only thing that could happen is that my baby is born earlier than expected. Has anyone had the same experience? Thank you.

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  1. My doctor told me the same and I expected it to happen on my 35th week, but I gave birth on my 39 week! I think it could be even later if I wasn’t so active. It’s also my third baby! That’s why just act normally and don’t worry too much! 😉

  2. My sister is on her 38th week of pregnancy and her baby doesn’t seem to rush even though she has the same diagnose! It’s normal if you had a few pregnancies before.

  3. I had birth pangs on 34th week and was preparing to give birth, but it only happened on 39th! Just relax and wait calmly!

  4. I had the same problem when I was on my sixth month of but my daughter was born one day later than she should have! Don’t get too stressed out about this!

  5. Thank you ladies for your support! I think I’ve been worrying about it too much, but I should really calm down and relax like you said!

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