How to spend quality time in the evening with family?


Hello, mamas! So I would like to get some ideas on how to spend a good time with family at home? We have a daughter, she is 3 years old. On the weekends we always have some stuff to do outdoors (we like going for walks, sport, travelling etc), it’s just when me and my husband are both at home after work, our evenings are usually boring and we get to sleep early every night. I tried to find some games and other activities on Google for the whole family, but I didn’t find anything that each of us would enjoy. How do you usually spend your spare time at home? Do you have any  hobbies that all the family enjoys doing? Thank you.

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  1. How about board games like domino, busy town? Lego or making stuff out of play dough?

  2. We do baking and cooking together, then serving the table! My daughter loves wood construction toys, (like Jenga) so we are making houses out of it and then placing there toys to live inside.

  3. We like reading together and solving puzzles, that’s pretty much it. :/ I am going to wait for some good ideas here as well.

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    How about playing lotto?

  5. I don’t really like playing games, but my husband does. I can only read for my son for about 30 mins. We have a railway set and Lego that they enjoy playing together.

  6. My kids like to draw, we have a big drawing kit that includes(watercolours, pastels,pencils,markers..). Sometimes we are even drawing like a poster together on a big paper. Also we like creating different bracelets, necklaces together.

  7. I think your evenings are boring because you are tired after work! It doesn’t mean, that you aren’t interested in games and other activities with family. Cooking together is the best idea! It’s fun and useful! 😀

  8. My daughter likes to play role games, pretending she is a princess, my husband is a dragoon or something like that. Everyone is tired already of playing these games.. I would rather do something else, but daughter seems to enjoy it too much and always asks us to play with her.

    • Some of the role games are fun! For example, we like to celebrate Birthday of our daughter’s toys. We  prepare for it like for a real party, getting some cake, candles, dressing up with my husband, putting some music on and then dancing! It’s a proper holiday for the whole family! 🙂

  9. We like dancing, jumping, playing football or ‘Hide and seek’. Always rushing around the house, it’s never quiet on the evenings 😉

  10. This game is great for all family! Everyone likes staring at the rolling ball for ages 😀 It doesn’t sound that interesting, but trust me, it’s very addictive.

  11. Thank you girls! I am sure now I have a few more ideas how to spend the evening!

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