How to find the courage to leave my husband if I can’t see any good future together?


Hello! I have a little 3 year old son who is very autistic (he gets anxious all the time, doesn’t talk properly still, gets scared of strangers.) My son is very close to his father, but he (my husband) spends his free time somewhere else but home. He pretends to be working overtime, but I don’t believe it because sometimes he can be gone until midnight and at the end of the month his salary isn’t different than normal. He doesn’t even want to explain anything. I am financially independent from him as I work from home, but I am afraid if I divorce him it will be too difficult for our son. What would you do in this situation? I see no future with my husband and it gets worse every day, but I can’t find the courage to leave him. Please help me to make a right decision!

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Relationship Roksana Sieja 2 years 22 Answers 515 views 0