How to choose clothes for breastfeeding?


Hi, I am thinking of buying some clothes for breastfeeding as most of my clothes aren’t super-functional for this. Could you tell me how comfortable and practical are they? Are the milk spots easy to be washed off them? Thanks!

I was looking at something like this:


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  1. I bought a jacket for breastfeeding like this:
    It’s very warm and cozy, but the suit on your picture looks nice!

  2. I had a very similar suit and I was wearing it all the time! Just make sure you don’t buy a synthetic one. Washing machine removed all the spots, so don’t worry about that!

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    You should look for some mothers- friendly overalls! They are comfortable for pregnancy and also for breastfeeding. I ordered mine on Aliexpress.

  4. To be honest, during almost two years of breastfeeding, I never bought anything like this. I used casual shirts and hoodies. The only thing I bought was a special bra which I’ve got a few different colours.

  5. The suits like that are very comfortable! If you get one, you won’t regret it. I also had a few dresses with secret pockets on them. 🙂 Very stylish and handy!

  6. I am usually too hot wearing sweatshirts or hoodies, that’s why I prefer shirts!


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