How to choose a playpen for babies?


Hi! How do you choose a playpen (play yard) for babies? I am thinking to get a convertible one, as we do travel a lot, but I am not sure how safe they are. What can you recommend? Should we get a wooden or soft convertible one? Thank you.

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  1. They are both good and all of them have solid bottom so babies are able to stand inside, though if your baby can’t stand yet, I would put there a soft blanket, so she can lie down or sit.

  2. I prefer wooden play yards because my baby can hold to it while standing, but convertible ones can be used as portable cribs while travelling, so you decide whichever is more practical in your case!

  3. We had a soft portable playpen, it’s very light and easy to move, also your baby can’t injure herself while playing there.

  4. Sometime’s baby’s legs/hands are stuck in the wooden playpens, so as for me soft portable ones are better – mobile and less problems 🙂

  5. We didn’t even buy one, she slept in the crib and played on the play mat or on the soft carpet.

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    We have one like this, but my daughter doesn’t like playing in it, so we are using it as a storage for her toys instead 😀

  7. Get a portable one! If you are travelling a lot, that’s a great option, especially if you get the one which can be transformed into a crib.

  8. Thank you for the answers! I should probably go for a convertible one.

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