How to choose a pillow for a toddler?


Hi! My son is 1,5 year old. I’ve noticed that he needs a better pillow, but I am not sure how to pick one. What size should it be? What material is the best? I will be very grateful for your help!

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  1. It should be very thin 1,5-2 cm. I don’t use a pillow at all, I use a swaddle instead.

  2. My children don’t use pillows at all. My younger son is 6 and my daughter is 10. Both sleep without pillows.

  3. If your baby mainly sleeps on his back or front, then he doesn’t need a pillow, but if he sleeps on his sides more often, then you should choose depending on his shoulder’s height. It shouldn’t be too big.

  4. To be honest I think it’s a bit too early for getting him a pillow. I put a swaddle under my son’s mattress to raise it up a little.

  5. If he doesn’t have any allergies, then you can get a comfy pillow made with any high-quality material. Obviously, if he’s allergic to wool, you wouldn’t buy your son a wool pillow, which would only make his allergy worse. Just be aware of your little one needs and this will help you to choose a perfect one!

  6. You need to pick one which will be comfy and supportive. If you press down on a pillow and it does not regain its shape then the pillow is too soft and is unsafe for your baby to use.

  7. You definitely should get him a pillow made of organic cotton. It will be a bit more expensive than regular cotton but it would be much better for your toddler.

  8. Make sure that the pillow you’re going to buy is hypoallergenic and also it doesn’t make too much noise when you’re mowing on it.

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