How many newborn clothes do I actually need??


Hi! I am planning to do a big shopping until my baby is born, because when he is born I probably won’t have time to go shopping.. I would like to buy everything now, so I don’t have to think about it later. How much clothes do newborns need? What exactly? Thanks.

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  1. Don’t buy too much of the same size, cause they are growing very fast!

  2. I took a few infant gowns, 4 bodysuits, 4 undershirts and pajamas, 6 pairs of socks, 2 sheets for the carriage and a few jumpers.

  3. You should get 4-6 hats, fleece suit for the winter, 5-6 pairs of socks (booties), 3 sweaters, blanket sleepers, a few pajamas, 4-6 bodysuits. Make sure you dress them according the weather, if it’s cold, don’t forget to put a few jumpers on them and a warm jacket.

  4. I think this picture is very accurate. 🙂

  5. I think you should buy quite a lot of pajamas as newborns spend their most of time at home. Get ones that you can easily take off for the diapers change. Also get, a few bodysuits that you can wear for walks, visiting doctors. Don’t buy too many, we bought quite a lot and our friends gave us some, eventually we didn’t even wear most of them.

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