How long will it take to my breast milk to come in?


Hi! I gave birth yesterday, but my breast milk still didn’t come. There are only a few drops but that’s all, not enough to feed my baby. She is crying and I suppose she is hungry… What shall I do? Wait a little bit more until it appears or give her some formula?

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  1. It’s normal not to have milk just yet. It should come in properly 3-4th day after your child was born. Just wait a little bit more and try to breastfeed anyway, sometimes imitation of breastfeeding makes you milk come in faster.

  2. You should notice in a few days that your breasts will start to feel full, which is a sign that your milk is coming. Your baby doesn’t need to be fed a lot her first days, that’s why try to squeeze the drops of milk you’ve got.

  3. You can offer your baby breast anyway and place her on your naked chest, skin to skin and with a blanket or towel over her back. Doing that helps to stimulate production of milk.

  4. You can wait up to 4 days and then if it doesn’t get better you should feed her with formula. Hope everything will be fine!

  5. Ah don’t worry it happens! Is it your first pregnancy? You can feed your baby with creamy milk that you probably have in your breast now. Newborns don’t need to be fed a lot, that’s why those few drops will be fine for now.

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