How do you start weaning a baby?


Hi mothers! My son is 1,5 year old and I am still breastfeeding him. My doctor recommended me to start weaning (he proved his point, plus I don’t have that much of milk anymore). I tried not to breastfeed him yesterday night, but he screamed and literally punched me. I couldn’t help it and breastfed him again.
Please, tell me about your experience, because I don’t know what am I going to do tonight.

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  1. How I understand you! I started weaning when my son was about the same age. He cried every night, so I had to carry him around, rock him, sing.. I gave him water but sometimes he would refuse to drink it. It took us a long time to completely stop breastfeeding, but now he sleeps much better on nights!

  2. If you have somebody else living with you (your husband, mother), then you should ask them to calm down the baby at night. If you’re holding your son, he can feel the smell of your breast milk and that’s why he is getting so crazy when sees you.

  3. He must be very full in the evening, the he is less likely to wake up in night. As an option, you can wake him up before going to bed yourself and feed again.

  4. If it’s that bad, then try to nurse your baby for a shorter period of time so he gets a smaller amount of milk. It should be gradually, it’s normal that the very first night was so difficult.

  5. You should make sure that your son eats enough during the day! Sometimes babies at this age are too distracted playing all day and not eating enough, then it’s so hard for them to sleep throughout the night without being fed. Good luck!

  6. Thank you everyone for your valuable advice! I hope we can do it 😉 Have a good night!

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