How do you manage to teach your children speak four languages?


Hi! I am a native German and Russian speaker and my husband is Spanish. We live in Geneva with our little son (he is 1 year old). We want him to speak all these four languages: German, Russian, Spanish, French. There are days when I talk to my son only in Russian and my husband speaks to him only in French, other days I speak German to him and on other days me and my husband both speak French. My son also attends French playgroups, but we plan to attend even more. That’s what our plan is so far. How do you teach your children to speak several languages?

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  1. Wow I think that your son is very lucky to be able to learn all these languages from such an early age. I think you’re doing everything great! Good luck!

  2. To be honest your plan sounds great! I speak Russian and English with my husband to our child at home, we left French and German languages for her to learn at the kindergarten that she’s going to start attending soon.

  3. My baby is 10 month old. I am talking to him in English, his father talks to him in German, but I am putting cartoons on mostly in French for him to watch. We are focusing more now on teaching him English and German, because he will be studying French at playgroups.

  4. Four languages is very impressive! I speak to my husband in English but we talk to our daughter in French. I think she will learn more language when she is a bit older at pre-school. I don’t know any other languages, that’s why we are using only 2 so far. 😀

  5. I speak to my husband in Arabic and we also use Arabic to speak to our son, but he attends kindergarten where he learns French and soon will be learning English. He can speak Arabic now and understand French, but can’t speak it properly yet. He is 4 years old.

  6. Me and my husband are Russians, so we speak to our baby in Russian, but we are planning to hire English babysitter for him, so she can talk to him only in English. His kindergarten will be in French, so I think he can learn it there.

  7. I’ve heard about families where parents teach up to 7 languages their children at this early age, so I think 4 is very realistic.

  8. Thank you everyone for your feedback and sharing your experience! Now I feel more inspire to teach my baby all these languages!

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