How do you find time for exercising while raising a baby?


Hello, mothers! How do you make yourself doing exercising? I am so tired all the time and feeling so lazy, but I would like to be in good shape. I had some pilates classes before, but my whole body was in pain afterwards. I can’t do any exercising at home either – I always find excuses. How do you manage to do sports/exercising? 😀

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  1. I think you should pick the right way of doing exercising for yourself. It’s possible, that if you tried something apart of pilates, you would be more into it.

  2. Once you get into a routine – it will be easier. When I started doing yoga, I was exactly like you, but now I can’t live without it! First I only did it at class, cause I was too lazy at home, but now I am just doing yoga everywhere!

  3. I like latino-american dances! Have you tried dancing? It’s a great way of doing exercising and soo fun!

  4. I agree with everything that was said before! You should find something that you would be enjoying doing! There are so many different activities, I can’t believe that you don’t like anything! Then, it’s also very important to find a good trainer who would be motivating you.

  5. If you don’t like sport/exercising, or if you don’t have time, then just walk every day for 20-30 mins. It’s very healthy. 🙂

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