How difficult it was for your to get a job after maternity leave?


Hi! I spent almost 10 years raising my child being unemployed. I know that it’s a huge gap in my experience that most of employers won’t understand, but I am looking for jobs now. I would like to hear some stories from you ladies just to be inspired to continue my search. How difficult it was for your to get a job after maternity leave? Has anyone had the same situation?

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  1. I didn’t stay unemployed that long, but I hope you can manage to find a job. You probably should start your career from the beginning, as a lot of the things changed during these 10 years.. Good luck!

  2. I can recommend you to take some courses that would help you to get qualifications, teach you some new skills, remind you what is forgotten. There are some courses available at universities, but also you could look for online courses (many of them are free).

  3. You should start with part time jobs and even internships for now. It should give you some more confidence to begin with.

  4. I spent 6 years at home looking after my kid and then decided to get a job. It wasn’t easy, that’s why I finished courses at local uni, got qualification and found a job in the field. 🙂 Now I earn almost as much as my husband does. That’s why don’t give up – studying is never late.

  5. I didn’t work 4 years. I started working at the store part time to get some skills and experience and then swapped to a full time job. It took me a while to get the job though, but I tried really hard.

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