How can I teach my younger daughter to respect personal space and things of my older son?


Hi! I have two lovely children: my son is 4 and my daughter is 2. My daughter doesn’t understand that some of the things in the house are not hers. When we buy treats for them, we give the same amount for her and her brother, but she ends up screaming and trying to take everything for herself. The same thing happened after my son’s Birthday, she’s taken all the presents and broken some of them while playing and my son was very upset. Sometimes he tries to stop her and then we have fights in the house, otherwise he expects me to give something else to him in return, as his stuff is taken. I don’t know what else I can do? Also, how can I teach a two-year old baby to respect her brother’s personal things.

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  1. How about not to show it to the younger daughter? Do they spend most of the time in the shared space or do they have own rooms?

  2. What if you give that stuff to your daughter first just to show her and to explain that it’s not hers and should be returned to her brother.

  3. I had a very similar problem in my family, my daughter used to take the stuff from my son-teenager and he was so annoyed. Our daughters are trying to get what they want through screaming, but I learned how to ignore it and eventually she calms down and forgets about it. If they realize that screaming doesn’t work, they don’t see a point in doing it anymore.

  4. Maybe try to give something else to your daughter instead?

  5. I tell my older son that it’s his personal things and he can decide if he wants to share or not. In the second case he has to hide it sometimes…it’s the only way, but if he decided to share it, I am commenting : ‘Look how generous your brother is to share with you!’

  6. I have one son, but sometimes we have visitors who bring their children to our place. My son doesn’t like, when somebody plays with his favourite toys, that’s why I always ask him to hide everything that he doesn’t want to be shared.

  7. If worst comes to worst and nothing helps, you should tell your son to do the same thing: take the toys of his sister(even if he doesn’t need them) and see how she reacts. If she starts getting mad, remind her how she took her brother’s stuff and didn’t want to return it. Maybe the rule: “I am not taking yours, if you don’t take mine” would work!Good luck!

  8. I am very grateful for all your answers, I am going to consider them and see what I can do. Thank you!

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