Going on holiday and weaning. Yes or No???


Hi, I started weaning my daughter (she is 1 year old) and we are planning to go on holiday. I am wondering if that’s a good idea? I am successfully getting rid of one of the breastfeeding sessions during the day so far. I am worried that travelling could stress her out too much and that I will have to get back to breastfeeding while on holiday to calm her down. Do you have similar experience?

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  1. I think you’ll be fine if you make sure you can always feed her whenever she is hungry. Take some puree jars with you in case she won’t like the stuff that they sell over there. Have a good holiday! 🙂

  2. Of course you should go! When we went on holiday, I took lots of jars and also gave my daughter mushed up stuff we were eating, when we couldn’t find good quality purees abroad.

  3. Holiday it’s great! Where are you going? You should prepare single purees when you get there or buy squishy bananas, cheese etc to make sure you can still replace her breastfeeding session with solids.

  4. I suppose that depends on where you’re going and what facilities you’ll have over there. If you make sure she’s always busy, has a full stomach and good quality rest, then nothing to worry about!

  5. Just make sure she is always comfortable and happy. Like it was said before you should take some food from home just in case, but also some her toys plus a few new ones, that she didn’t play with before. When she suddenly gets hysterics, just show her a new toy so you don’t have to buy it over there. You can distract her with new toys or books when she asks for breast.

  6. I failed weaning during the holiday, but only because my son got sick and refused to eat anything all day, so I gave up and nursed him. I hope it will go smooth for you though!!!

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