Does anyone take their babies for swimming classes? How do they enjoy it?


Hi, I am thinking about taking my newborn daughter to a swimming class. Does anyone have the same experience? How soon did you start going there? Thanks!

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  1. We started when my daughter was 4 months old, she loves it!

  2. I took my daughter to infant’s swimming classes a few times, but she caught a flu there. 🙁 I think I should wait until she is older and then take her to a proper swimming class.

  3. My son attends swimming pool since he was 1 year old and he is 3 now! I highly recommend it! 🙂

  4. I go to the swimming class with my personal instructor and I take my daughter with me since she is 5 months old 🙂

  5. They do enjoy it! It’s great for baby’s and adult’s health, swimming improves the immune system!

  6. I wouldn’t risk taking my newborn son to the public swimming pool, in fact, I wouldn’t even go there myself :/

  7. Thank you for everyone’s experience. I might wait a little bit longer but sounds like it’s an amazing activity even for the newborn babies!

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