Do you think your husband has a right to decide whether you want to breastfeed or not and other women’s problems?


Hi! My husband is trying to make decisions for me such as if I give birth at home or at the hospital, if I should breastfeed, and other women’s problems that I feel like I should decide myself. What’s your opinion about this?
Do you think your husband has a right to decide whether you should breastfeed or not and other things like that?

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  1. I think that it’s your body and you should decide but also listen to his arguments.

  2. You both should think what is the best for your baby! Giving birth at home may be quite dangerous, so if that’s what your husband told you then he is right!

  3. I think that the husband must be able to share his opinion, but you should make these decisions together, as you’re both parents. Also, it’s very important to ask this your doctor first and then decide.

  4. I think that husband has a right, because it’s not just about your body, it’s about your baby. Imagine yourself at his position if you wouldn’t be able to decide what is the best for your baby’s life? I think parents are equal with these problems.

  5. Both parents have the same rights. Only because men can’t give birth, it doesn’t mean they should have less rights when it comes to the baby care.

  6. Pregnant women are very emotional, that’s why I think, that it’s very important to have husband’s support and advice! These problems must be discussed together.

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