Desperate ways of weaning: “flavouring” nipples, using plasters, painting.. Did anyone try them??


Hi, my daughter is 2 years old and I am still weaning. Well, trying to. Normal methods don’t work so I am thinking of tainting my nipples with something… Anyone tried it? Did it work?

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  1. I did and it helped! 😀 I mixed salt with honey (lots of salt) and put it on my nipples. I told him that mommy is sick, but he wanted to try anyway. When he tried, he twisted his face into grimace and had solids instead. Then he asked a few times more during the day but I used the same method again. So, next day he was quite happy with his yummy fruit puree!

  2. You can prepare him when he isn’t hungry and say “Look, the tit is very ill”, it will make him feel sorry. When he is hungry, explain him that “the tit is really not well still, no milk and looks bad”. Make a face that he would believe to. I used mustard, but not too spicy!

  3. I wouldn’t do that.. I think this way is too cruel to do that to the baby. 🙁

    • Why do you think it’s cruel? I would rather do that than simply tell her “no milk today, sorry, drink some water”.  Some people recommend mothers to disappear for a few days at all and leave your baby with family.. I think THAT would be more cruel.

  4. I’ve heard of is to taint the flavor of your nipples with something like lemon juice, vinegar or garlic oil, so they don’t want to try it. I would feel sad to do this, but if nothing else works after two years…

  5. I am sure there are more gentle ways to wean your baby. I don’t like quick methods. Your baby shouldn’t be punished for willing to be closer to his mother.

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