Can sleeping near baby affect your romantic relationship with your husband?


Hi! I’ve heard that many mothers sleep next to their babies every night when their husbands have to sleep on the couch. Do you think it’s right? I mean it’s really sweet to sleep with your baby, but can it ruin your romantic relationship with husband? Personally I can sleep with my baby sometimes, only if she can’t fall asleep on her own or if she’s not feeling well so I would have to be there to take care of her. Other times I think that it’s very important to keep your marriage going after having a baby. What is your opinion on this?

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  1. If your baby doesn’t like sleeping alone, I think that a good husband must be able to understand it. You still can spend time with your husband during the day.

  2. There are many other ways to save romance in your relationship without sleeping together at night. I think that baby should be your top priority, especially at this early stage.

  3. I think that every woman should put her interests first, then her husband’s and then her baby’s. You should decide what’s better for you and your family.

    • I agree with that! All babies want to grow up in a happy family where both parents live in harmony. You should be taking good care of yourself, your husband and also of your baby. I don’t understand mothers that are turning into babysitters. You’re a woman first of all, then you became someone’s wife and then you became a mother.

  4. I think it’s not normal to forget about your husband because you have a baby now. You were a couple with your husband and you stayed together as a couple. Our husbands also want to feel loved and taken care of. You still need to have your privacy time together.

  5. It can be actually fun to sneak in a quickly while the baby is napping or make space in the closet. Scouting out new sites for making love could even make your relationships better! 😀

  6. I think that comfort of your baby is very important but along with that your baby wouldn’t won’t his parents to get divorced. I think it’s okay to sleep near your baby every now and then, but don’t do it all the time! Simply letting sex disappear from your relationship could cause a crack in your marriage.

  7. To be honest I am afraid to sleep with my little daughter. I am too worried that I can accidentally hit her while asleep and it doesn’t let me sleep tight. I don’t know how other parents manage, I find it way too dangerous.

  8. I guess it’s very different for each family and it’s difficult to decide what is a right thing to do without knowing all the circumstances. I am sending love to all of you and your families anyway! Thanks for your opinions! 🙂

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