Can my child eat wild meats? (wild boar, deer meat, wild poultry).

Hi! I am wondering what age my child has to be before it’s safe for them to eat the meat from wild animals? If I breastfeed, are wild meats allowed in my own ration?
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    Wild meats have even more nutrients than usual meat. It’s just a bit more difficult to cook it.

  2. I am from Lithuania, here pregnant women eat wild meats and also give it to their children. Once your child started eat normal meat (beef, chicken, pork) you can add wild meats to his ration if you like.

  3. I am not sure about deer meat or wild boar, but quail meat is healthier than chicken, less fat and richer for vitamins. So it’s even better to have it instead of other poultry!

  4. Wild meat is good but it needs longer time of preparation to make it soft and kill all the bacteria. It would be better to ask your pediatrician first though about different types of meat.

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