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About us

Hi! Do you want to become a member of our forum because you just became a happy mother or you’re planning to be her soon? Congratulations, it’s the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to you!

You probably have so many questions now: “Why is my baby so cold?”, “How do I dress him?”, “How much should my baby eat?”, “What weight should he have?”, “How to treat an umbilical wound?”, “When should it fall off and then what?”, “Why is my baby’s skin yellow? Is everything okay with him?”, “How to bathe a newborn?”, “How to breastfeed?”, “How long should he be eating?”, “How long should breaks be between each feeding”, “How often my baby should poop”, “When should I start feeding him with solid foods?”, “When do I start potty training my baby?”, “How to put him to sleep?” – all these questions and even more a new mother has on her mind.

Don’t worry! Everyone on this forum is also a mother who already went through all of this or is facing it right now! Who better to understand parenting than other mothers just like you! We are here to answer all your questions and to listen to you.

Women of any age are welcome here –  those who are planning to become a mother, those who are expecting a baby and those who are very lucky to already be mothers themselves. This forum is for ladies only.  


  • We want to make useful for you, so feel free to share all topics whether they are pleasant or disturbing –  everything about child care, family values or your personal problems will be heard on our forum. Here you can get everything off your chest and also get legal or medical advice whenever needed.
  • LET’S TALK about everything related to our children, pregnancy, delivery, education and health of our growing babies and about anything that can possibly worry us.
  • There is no such a thing an “awkward question”, you can literally ask ANYTHING and no one will judge, because we are always here to support you!
  • EVERY MOTHER can ask here her questions (even if the topic was discussed before, there are always some newbies and those who are happy to share their experiences again); Please, if you noticed that questions were asked before, don’t criticise.
  • ALWAYS tell us if your question is an emergency. We will make sure to answer it as soon as possible!
  • Also, we all love to laugh! If you have any amusing stories to tell about your children or if you found some funny videos/pictures about motherhood, please, share with us!
  • If you’re posting any articles or links to other sites, please add some introductory information from yourself –  we don’t appreciate simple reposts.
  • Be very careful with your words so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings! We will be thankful if everyone’s tries to be supportive of one another.
  • It is necessary to mention that WE are staying out of politics, religious or nationality issues. 🙂

So, dear mother, let’s talk!

With love, your